Anya Hindmarch

06 March 2014




– present in 10 countries

– over 25 years of heritage ad expertise

– won Designer Brand of the Year at the 2007 British Fashion Awards


For the past 25 years, Anya Hindmarch has been contributing her unique creativity and humour into British fashion that has become synonymous with the brand’s global profile. Craftsmanship, beautiful materials and personalisation are stand out features of Hindmarch’s collections, earning the brand a strong celebrity following including Alexa Chung, Cara Delevigne, Kate Moss and Kate Middleton. In 2007, the eco focused designer caused 2am queues with her ‘I’m not a plastic bag”  cotton shopper. Over 80,000 women formed not-so-orderly queues, snaking through high streets across the UK to purchase the ‘It’ bag that Keira Knightly, Sienna Miller and Lily Allen touted as if it was the latest offering from Burberry.





– working closely with their VM team

– prototyping, sourcing and mocking each piece

– designing individual store plans

– despatching to all wholly owned stores and franchisees globally

With this in mind it’s understandable to see why we were so excited when the designer brand approached us to collaborate on their visual window displays.



We work closely with Anya Hindmarch’s in-house creatives to design and build window displays that showcase their next big press-grabbing collections. Sharing their inspirations and visuals with us, Harlequin Design then take this away to source materials, test, make and create a bespoke window design that brings their vision to life. These designs can be seen across the globe in over 30 different Anya Hindmarch franchises including Japan, Hong Kong and Malaysia, as well as the flagship stores in London and LA.





– developing the campaign in just a week’s time

– assisting with the sourcing, prototyping, printing and producing of all print and props

– timely delivery of all items

When Anya Hindmarch’s creative team first made contact with the team at Harlequin Design we were given a challenge, but one we were confident we would take on and turn around. With just a week to produce their window display designs to showcase the Maxi Zip collection, Harlequin Design were able to utilise and demonstrate their skill and experience in working with premium brands owning a bespoke image as well as a global presence.


The Maxi Zip collection gained worldwide press for Anya Hindmarch, and Harlequin Design were responsible for the sourcing, testing and building the intergalactic display. Creating a mini lab for each of their window displays, we researched and sourced a plethora of different sized and shaped glass test-tubes as well as vintage molecular structures.




As a design agency, we love the freedom and variety that our own diverse skill set brings. Due to Harlequin Design’s vast experience and ability to offer our clients a service that stretches from concept to execution, we’ve managed to acquire and continue to build growing partnership with Anya Hindmarch.


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