Anya Hindmarch Counter Culture

24 July 2014


The Counter Culture window display campaign

Set of bespoke gold-plated shopping fixtures

Extension to the Anya Hindmarch Mini Mart

Produced and dispatched globally

The eye-catching AW ’14 collection by the talented Anya Hindmarch “Counter Culture began with the idea of finding beauty in the banal” and then transcended into an exceptional visual feast taking over their handbags and window displays.

Our latest collaboration with the brand has allowed us to experiment with a set of unconventional window props and finishes to achieve the “gold rush effect” that is currently taking over their stores. Each display is equipped with a bespoke set of everyday items ranging from price tags to food cans and milk cartons with some also boasting large custom made pallets.

Keep an eye out as we keep adding more snaps and visit their website to explore the collection:


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