Banana Republic – Feel the Rain

07 May 2015



– assisting with the design, production and installation

– producing a set of MDF brackets with hanging ropes to recreate clouds within the window displays

– supplying bespoke yellow umbrellas with the Feel the Sunshine strapline

Check out our latest collaboration with Banana Republic for their April window displays – Feel the Rain – Create your Own Sunshine. The scheme is simple in terms of props but grabs the eye instantaneously – just read Jonathan Baker’d review here (

We’ve teamed with Banana Republic’s VM team to translate and adapt the designs for their UK and EU stores as well working on the production and installation of the props. For the scheme we’ve worked on creating bespoke cloud formations. If you look closely at the hanging props you’ve probably already noticed the MDF brackets and hanging ropes are positioned in such a way as to create the cloud shapes in the displays. We’ve also sourced and customised vibrant yellow umbrellas to inject a bit of humour in the windows.


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