Golddigga at Lillywhites

18 March 2014


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One of the first brands to capitalise on social media to drive brand awareness

We’ve been approach by IBML to produce large scale custom made letters for a secret (at the time) celebrity photo shoot.

Our brief was to design, produce and wire the over meter high letters spelling out ASHLEY and then install them on the day of the shoot.


Letters made of gold sprayed MDF

Set up for photo shoot on 24th February

Installed at Lillywhites on 13th March

The ASHLEY letters are also part of the new Golddigga’s window display at Lillywhites which was installed on 12th March by the Harlequin team.

Vanessa, our newest Harlequin-er worked on the project creating a bespoke backdrop design, arranging the Ashely Roberts cut out and coordinating the installation process on site.


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