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05 March 2014

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– founded in 1979 from a stall on London’s Portobello Road

– present in 77 stores across 16 counties

– official sponsor of British Polo Day in Abu Dhabi


With a globally established footprint in heritage-inspired sportswear and men’s tailoring that spans over 35 years, British brand Hackett represents the perfect embodiment of today’s ‘English Gentlemen’.

In the past four years since we began working with them, Harlequin have continued to develop and maintain a long standing relationship with Hackett, collaborating with their internal creative and marketing teams to design, create and execute crowd-stopping retail displays that maintain Hackett’s global reputation, illustrate their British heritage and reflect their positioning at the forefront of men’s style.


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From initial concept and creation, to delivery, project management and execution, each season Harlequin continues to work with Hackett’s initial briefs and concepts, transforming them into award-winning displays.


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– worked collaboratively on over a dozen window campaigns

– assisting with design, prototyping, print, production, delivery and installation

– developing concepts on a global scale

– built strong relationships over the past 5 years we’ve worked together


Each season, the team at Hackett shares their vision with Harlequin to take, develop, share and develop again. Due to Hackett’s global presence, we know that what we create needs to be adaptive depending on a whole host of factors: Variations of store dimensions, seasons, cultures and calendar events are all major considerations. Our in depth knowledge and understanding of Hackett as a brand has enabled us to take their vision and make it an award-winning reality- Even if the finished results seem unbelievable to the eye. Our most recent brief from Hackett was to bring the British weather indoors to promote their quintessentially British raincoat. Harlequin’s team were able to take the idea from initial concept, to final execution due to our variation of skilled creatives and experienced production team resulting in a raining window display on London’s Regents Street that stopped shopper traffic in it’s tracks on one of the busiest streets in the world.


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Over the passed 4 years, Harlequin have built up a relationship with Hackett based on trust, an in depth understanding of the brand and it’s core values, and the ability to take the brief and exceed delivery expectations under any given deadline or budget.


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