John Lewis x Dyson

10 March 2015



– designed for the unveiling of the new Dyson Humidifier ahead of the National Allergy Week in April

– brief – to raise awareness and demonstrate the benefits of the Dyson Humidifier

– scheme broken down into 3 distinct sections

– Section 1 – Baby Mobile

– Section 2 – Dandelion Installation

– Section 3 – Mist Wall

We’ve been involved in an exciting new window and in-store project alongside the creative team at Dyson and John Lewis for the unveiling of the Dyson Humidifier. A timely launch that is setting the tone for the National Allergy Week in April.

The brief for the campaign was very clear – to raise awareness and demonstrate the benefits of the Dyson Hygienic Mist in alleviating allergy symptoms. “To deliver a gold standard launch that engages and excites the shoppers, creates true incremental value to the category and step changes the strategic collaboration between john Lewis and Dyson.”

Our main challenge for this scheme has been to both translate the health benefits of the Dyson Humidifier as well as engage customers in a conversation. The way we’ve tackled the challenge is by breaking the scheme into 3 segments.

Baby Mobile – communicating the message of a good night sleep with the reference to counting sheep, rotating around the Dyson Humidifier, in the form of a Baby Mobile.

Dandelion Installation – A set of neon lights in the shape of dandelion seedlings being blow away around the Dyson Humidifier implying the deduction in allergies with the use of a humidifier.

Mist Wall – a backlit panel to recreate the hydrated mist projected by the Dyson Humidifier creating a more hygienic environment at home.

The scheme has been carried throughout the in-store event zones as well to create synergy and engage customers with the product and the friendly staff on site.


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