Lacoste FootAsylum in Manchester

14 May 2013

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– bespoke scheme for the FootAsylum store in Manchester

– assisting with the design, print, production and installation

– putting together a short clip to showcase the footwear

– taking and developing all polaroids in house

Put your pair of trainers on, turn around, pose and SNAP!

We’ve ¬†finished one of the most exciting and fun campaigns which is in Manchester.

We’ve teamed up with Lacoste and FootAsylum to transform their windows into an oversized Polaroid. The team went on a quest to create the perfect shots (lost count of how many they were) before playing around resizing them and adding the finishing touches.

We’ve printed and installed all the vinyls in May which look fantastic and to add to the overall feel we’ve even managed to source / pain an original Polaroid Camera.

Who’ll be joining our photo frenzy?

FA window
FA window
FA window

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