07 March 2014

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– present in over 120 countries

– 80 years of innovation and expertise


For the past two years, Harlequin Design have been working with Lacoste on some of their most dynamic projects. Famed for it’s iconic crocodile emblem, Lacoste was founded by French tennis star Rene Lacoste in 1933, revolutionising sportswear. Innovators in their own field, Lacoste fuse functionality with style to create laid back, sophisticated and contemporary collections currently present in over 120 countries.


Lacoste in collaboration with Harlequin Design



– working on the design, prototyping and production

– developing impactful, engaging and bespoke campaigns


Harlequin were given the brief to create, produce and execute a display that would encourage the consumer to interact with the window and therefore Lacoste’s footwear collection. Harlequin transformed the window frame into an oversized Polaroid and installed a TV screen made to look like a Polaroid picture. Consumers were encouraged to interact by posting snaps of their footwear onto Twitter and Instagram, hash-tagging their local FootAsylum and Lacoste. These were then showcased on the Polaroid picture screen in the window surrounded by Lacoste’s footwear collection.


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– sportswear led design

– sturdy bespoke MDF structures

– hidden flatscreen TV running a continuous clip

Lacoste’s ‘Born To’ campaign was accompanied by Harlequin Design’s creation of a Jenga-like installation that highlighted and reflected Lacoste’s Spring/Summer footwear collection. Contemporary and diverse, the building blocks were adorned with dynamic graphics designed by the Harlequin team to reflect the different faces of Lacoste’s collection- Ski, trek or party. Using our experience in multi-functional installations, Harlequin Design built a hidden flatscreen within the blocks to run a short campaign video by Lacoste. Fun, contemporary and dynamic, the ‘Born To’ display was designed, built and installed by Harlequin Design to reflect Lacoste’s multi faceted collection making the consumers experience in choosing their pair of shoes unconventional.


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By collaborating with some of the best creatives and up and coming visionaries, Harlequin Design have produced some of their most stand-out creations. As part of a recent Lacoste conference in collaboration with Foot Locker, we commissioned London street artist, Inkie to customise some vintage tennis rackets to reflect Lacoste’s deep rooted heritage with tennis as well as their leadership within sport-inspired apparel today.


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– inspired by the Unconventional Chic exhibition

– the exhibition presents photographs showing how people style their Lacoste clothes

– partaking in the event were musicians and talents such as Laura Whitmore and Callum Turner

– the widow display design follows in the footsteps of the exhibition

One of the most stand-out displays that Lacoste have featured in their stand-alone stores, the ‘Unconventional Chic’ campaign was a unanimous success. With a brief inspired by Lacoste’s ‘Unconventional Chic’ art exhibition featured in Vogue as well as urban street materials as a backdrop, Harlequin set out to imitate Lacoste’s synonymity with innovation.

Utilising our in-house print division, the team were able to create a bespoke wallpaper print to use within the design, just for Lacoste. We were able to design to brief along with specific measurements to fit to their individual stand alone store’s window display areas.

Priding ourselves on continuing to expand and develop out own skills and method processes, Harlequin exclusively prototyped floating faux concrete plinths to feature in Lacoste’s windows and display the Unconventional Chic Footwear Collection. This was created using a hand-applied process, distressing the foam underlay to mimic textured asphalt and then finishing it off to colour match the urban material perfectly. We created a number of different urban textures to compliment the incidentals and reflect the unisex collection. Rough dark asphalts were used to display the men’s collection, whilst smoother finished concrete and woods were mimicked for the women’s collection.


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Collaborating with Lacoste has enabled Harlequin Design to demonstrate our team’s highly diverse approach to creating visuals and displays that compliment and reflect the brand’s key message.


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