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05 March 2014

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– despatch to 51 countries

– an excess of 300 stores

– over 1000 individual displays


A household name and globally iconic due to it’s heritage in the retail of ‘British Quality Goods’, Marks & Spencer have been collaborating with Harlequin Design since 2010  working on it’s ever expanding international market, designing, producing and delivering their retail window displays spanning across 51 countries.


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– working collaboratively on all international windows for over 2 years

– assisting with design, developing concepts and delivery

– production coordinated from 3 main locations – UK, China, Poland

–  providing global despatch and logistics services

– issuing of country specific certification and documentation

Our relationship with one of the biggest retailers in the world is based on their confidence in us to deliver multi-platformed designs appealing to Marks & Spencer’s global audience, season to season. From initial designs inspired and driven by Marks & Spencer’s own trends, through to devising and managing the logistics of communicating and supplying every store, Harlequin have developed and earned Marks & Spencer’s partnership and reliance in providing their international stores with a global display strategy; from initial concept, to delivery.




With Marks & Spencer’s international presence being so vast and constantly growing, their window displays need to reflect their core values and current trends whilst being adaptable to each country and it’s own cultures, seasons, events and customers. Harlequin Design deliver using their experience in working with international retailers to provide Marks & Spencer with a water tight process that is reviewed and approved by multiple stake holders across the company achieving stand-out results. Each display is designed in multiple variations and dimensions to suit Marks & Spencer’s diverse locations. To ensure communication is made with every one of the 320 (and growing) stores, Harlequin devised an online ordering system for Marks & Spencer stores to preview and order each season’s window displays wherever they are in the world- And at their convenience.


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– use of recyclable and eco friendly materials

– interchangeable and adaptable schemes

Each Marks & Spencer display that Harlequin designs and makes needs to own cost effective, adaptable features that enable the store to alter their windows to suit it’s cultural surroundings. In 2013, 121 windows spread across 12 countries were transformed for the festival of Ramadan. Harlequin achieved this by using a cost effective design add-on that could later be removed to resume the current layout once the festival finished. This was achieved using Harlequin’s thorough and considered logistical processes, and ability in rolling out mass productions at highly competitive rates.


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We like to think that our long standing relationship with Marks & Spencer is testament to our experience and ability in providing a multi-platformed service in retail displays. Whatever the brief or requirements, we have the facilities and experience to provide out clients with a bespoke strategy, however vast or unique.


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