Hackett – Sale window

03 January 2012

Hackett Winter Sale


Our latest collaboration with Hackett’s VM team sees a new take on the traditional red sale window, a far cry from the standard red SALE lettering.

Jeremy Hackett’s THE SALE premiered in the style of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds to mark the 90th anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock’s first film.

The original film poster was redesigned to credit the Hackett VM team and a tongue in cheek take on the sale message.

The window settings featured fake birds on wires (which took some time and experimentation in the studio to ensure they stay upright!) and red SALE lettering eerily tangled through the trees.

Happily it got picked up right away on the industry blogs including this post by retailstorewindows

When researching the concept we came across this article on the avian suicides of 1961 which are said to have inspired the film, spooky!

View more photos here.


Hackett Sale Windows Regent Street


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