Patron Tequila

01 August 2014


New client collaboration with tequila makers Patron

Commissioned to design, produce and install

a bespoke hand display

Designed and produced 60 individual hand

Installed at Selfridges on 31st July

Bespoke new client collaboration alongside the premium tequila brand Patron. The campaign is inspired by the expertise required to develop the product and the process that takes places behind the scenes in the distilleries. The slogan that graces the window display reads “It takes 60 hands to make 1 bottle of the world’s finest ultra premium tequila.” The campaign seemed fit for us with the myriad of bespoke sculptures and moulds we’ve already produced for our clients. The hands have been designed and crafted to perfection with each individually one positioned in a different way. Installed on the night of the 31st at Selfridges we’d urge you to pop in and absorb the unique Patron experience for yourselves.


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