Thomas Pink – Cheeky Fox

14 November 2013


Thomas Pink presents the Cheeky Fox Christmas Band in collaboration with Harlequin Design.

We’ve teamed up with Thomas Pink to develop and produce their 2013 Christmas window displays for both UK and international stores. The campaign transforms the window displays into a festive band with mannequins playing various music instruments.

For the occasion we’ve designed and produced bespoke fox statues in 2 different poses – a howling fox and a fox covering it’s ears. Both statues were sculpted and produced in our Chinese factory and were carrying the signature pink colour. We’ve also designed large neon “drum” signs to sit and hang in the displays with the signage for all UK stores being handled by the Harlequin Design team. We’ve also sourced and electroplated a set of various large music instruments to stay in the windows for the duration of the campaign with these carrying over to the Christmas tree ornaments instore.


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